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Sorry for the wrong cab, at least my co-axeman has the correct one, my D-cab is for clubs, the M-cab for open airs. Btw: the red amp he is using was built by me, its a SLO-clone.
Berni, que tal? AWESOME RIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can´t stop loving it! Three questions for you my Diezel-loving-friend:

1. Where the hell did you get that cool sticker "You touch You die"

2. I see there´s a Klon Centaur Overdrive on your Pedalboard.
Do you actually use it? I found that OD Pedals only make my
Herbert sound thinner. So I´m not using any...in fact I don´t need´em.
But I´m curious about the Klon.

3. Why the two ISP units? One in the rack and one on the pedalboard?
The Herbert is not THAT noisy....

But still, AWESOME RIG!!!!!!!!!! Can´t stop looking at it. I´m nearly there
too. Just gotta get my second Diezel 4x12" !

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks... :LOL: :LOL:

i´ve been tried ALL overdrives pedals, and you are right...except for the klon. i use the klon as a 4 channel( clean with a bit of drive), is the best pedal money can buy.

for solos i use an astone overdrive http://www.astone.es, it´s made in spain, its like a 808, but better. astone makes all the modifications in my pedals( led in wha, true bypass...)

i use two decimators just because the rack version makes a little hum noise when i use both channels. the pedal goes before the amp, and the rack goes only with the rack effects.

just zero noise ;) , the pedal makes me turn off at cleans.

and i have two tuners cause sometimes we play in clubs and my rack is cabinet back, so i need see a tuner :aww:

the stickers was bougt in las vegas newyork casino( the magic shop)

i have a lehle loop selector, to separate the tc´s, its midi and works great, but i just bought an axess( 4 loops)..


and this is a closer image of the astone and the modified wha...

rockerjt":1ff46 said:
I liked the look so much that I kind of copied supahd's rack. :rock:


Nice! My case is blue as well, although you can't tell from the pic. Good taste there my Diezel bro. :thumbsup:
The picture is missing few things and is more like a random shot rather than flashy promotional show-off (gear placement, etc.).


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Sam Laming":6d102 said:
Is that an RG2077XL?

Yep. Its still the best mass production 27" scale 7-string that I have played so far. Only the strings are changed as well as the stock bridge pickup is changed to Lundgren M7. :)