Double-miking update


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guillaume_pille":d9uc4sau said:
Thank you guys, we're close to the final version and we'll release a 32 bits and older versions of Windows after the Holidays. ;)

Thank you for doing this for us. The two mic update is a great improvement! I have a couple of suggestions and a question for the Remote 5.0 software in Simulation mode:

1. I would suggest making the picture of the cabinet larger, the studio "background" picture smaller, and also making the knobs/switches/etc all a bit larger.
2. I would also suggest adding a picture of a speaker with the cap, cone, cone edge, etc being visible and show how the mics move in relation to that image That way, users could see ideally where the mics are being positioned on the speaker itself.
3. I notice that saving presets does not allow for entering in your own preset name. I assume this will work in the full version?

Also...I realize the current Remote 5.0 software is in Alpha stage, but occasionally I am getting a random sound issue where everything sounds like it's being run through a "bit crusher" effect. It happens when I click on any random item (a mic, a slider, etc). The only way to stop it is to turn off the Torpedo Live completely and turn it back on again. I've entered a support ticket for this, but wanted to mention it here for the benefit of the other users.

Thank you again!

JC Dawson

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Any update on release date?

As a bit of background, I purchased a UA Ox in November and loved the software, but didn't like the sound. Using my Mesa TA-30 head, there was what sounded like input distortion on all settings. I thought I must have gotten a bad Ox, so I exchanged it, but the second unit had exactly the same issue. So I returned the Ox for a refund and purchased a Torpedo CAB instead (gotta love Sweetwater's customer support). Using the CAB in combination with my old MiniMass attenuator gives me the silent practice and recording solution I was looking for with the Ox, but without the Ox's annoying audio artifacts. The only thing I miss relative to the Ox is the ability to double mic. So I'm thrilled to see an update is in the works, and I'm anxiously awaiting the release date. :rock:


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Yesterday I made update.
No problem so far!

Today I'll try the Torpedo CAB with my Headrush pedalboard.

Agree with suggestions of @torp42. My suggestion besides these: when 2 mics are used, the pictures of each should be on left side and side of the cab to see them better.

I use WOS with my old POD Farm 2.5 vst and sounds incredible!
I hope the sound of my Headrush improves with Torpedo CAB.

Sorry for my english, I'm from Argentina.
Best regards!

Edit: and please, 2 cabs for Torpedo CAB!!


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Hi Guillaume,

just did the Alpha 8 update and I'm getting constant 'Unable to get IR Data from the Torpedo, invalid data checksum' messages. Any idea why?

My Torpedo Live is registered and everything, and I couldn't find any related topics in your Knowledge base.

Also, when I click away these error messages, I do see the updated Remote, but Mic B is 'stuck' to 'Knightfall', blacked out.

Running Win7, 64 bit. FYI.


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my god!
Thanks to the Internet blockade, my software download repeatedly but are modified and destruction, just in the process of the upgrade, all data is lost and can't start, always display the boot error and system error 175 and so on, also good successfully repaired at the moment.


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Where can we get any info on what the new firmaware offers? Is it the same latency as before? Any change in the eq section? Any new features? Don´t wanna update before I am 100% certain it is better than the last firmware due the loss of all my presets when updating. How will the 3:d party ir be affected? The IR will have a longer tail now right? will this affect the .tur files as well?


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Hi Bigshredder,

all the topics are addressed on the FB forum and I will publish the whole new specs when we shoot the release next week. ;)

The update makes a backup of your presets but I always recommend doing one priori to any backup, just in case.

IRs and .tur are now 40ms instead of 18.9 (with a very slight increase in latency, I think from 1.9 to 2.2ms), Two notes virtual cabinets are also processed in 40ms. new semi-parametric EQ (compatible with the old one), new interface on the unit and remote.


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Hi -

Only just stumbled on the news about the firmware and Remote update. Kudos for the effort - sounds like a major rewrite :)

Just curious on where to get info and access for those without a Facebook account?


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Just as a heads up, there seems to be a bug where - when you select 40ms for the IR format - you'll get an error 20 or whatever and have to press edit on torpedo cab if you drag over 64 IRs to the user bank. You have probably have heard this elsewhere but thought I'd post about it.

Very excited with this update, though I'm curious: how do you set mic b or IR b via midi cc? I have a little web app i wrote to control various aspects of my rig including torpedo cab using midi events generated with webmidi and want to add in the second mic/user ir option to it. I'm still able to control the first mic and ir still so those don't seem to have changed.

Edit: It actually kinda seems like torpedo cab only correctly responds to the midi cc for setting the mode and cab/ir used once and then stops responding the midi cc event until you change the cab on torpedo cab or in the remote software. After its reset in the editor it responds to my midi event one more time before not responding again.


guillaume_pille":196dovpe said:
Hi Bigshredder,

all the topics are addressed on the FB forum and I will publish the whole new specs when we shoot the release next week. ;)

What did it mean actually, Guillaume? Are we in for final release this week? Or just Beta?


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guillaume_pille":hduu4gfi said:
It's on, you can download it here!

Merci beaucoup Guillaume and engineers!

FYI all, you need to update from FW 3.32 I believe as my first try failed when I tried from FW 3.1 or so. The fix for the bricked CAB was to power up the CAB in manual update mode by holding the edit button when powering up, then using Remote 4.x to update to FW 3.32, and finally using Remote 5.x beta to update the FW to 4.x beta (this via Win 7 64bit).

Saving presets from Remote 5/x beta doesn't seem to be implemented yet, but the dual mics and parametric EQ with HPF is a powerful addition, and my Marshall preamp was loving the heck out of the new firmware on a quick test.

Can't wait to spend some more time with it, and to try it with my Axe FX II along with it's new Aeres 1.0 FW too, thanks all!


Hell yeah! Finally! Thanks a lot, guys, for all the hard work. It's time for test drive, I guess, ha ha! :))


There are different sets of mics for each captured cabinet. You need to look at it yourself.


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so cool!i tried it,and so amazing sound!
Unfortunately, the device itself can not provide a true separation of left and right channels, if appear a player can teach me how to set-up of circuit board, that is even worse! I listen to many Chinese understand electronic musicians said equipment itself with the material is not the most upscale, do not know to have one to internal electronic components to upgrade and calibrated?