Driftwood Purple Nightmare Small Review.


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Don't know what happened to my old account. So in the month or so I got a new Head and Cab(s). Let me know what you think of my rig and my small review. Will post an updated review soon!

Firstly) I received a Driftwood Amp head. These are amazing! Made in Germany and all hand built with an inbuilt TS with loads of custom options. I am in love with this amp I also have a Kemper I have had for a few months and I really want to sell it now!

Secondly) not sure if this counts a new cab day. I actually sold my Zilla Super Fatboy 2 x 12 because I couldn't play it at decent bedroom volumes and micing it up for recording is a huge pain.

I had some great help from two notes who helped me decide on getting their Torpedo Live.

For those of who don't know its a digital IR loader but you don't have to have it plugged into a cab as well as it has a full load on it. I am very happy and so if my wife as I can now play through my monitors and headphones. The Driftwood sounds amazing through it and can now crank it at home!

The IR's in the two notes are already great and you can load your own. Lucky I took some of my Zilla haha!

Driftwood also have a 10% off their customs if you just mention the EUGG when chatting to them. Their amps are full custom with midi, TS, Noisegate, Stained Maple board. Easiest way to chat to them is their Facebook page.

I also have some clips I previously recorded of the Driftwood hear through the Zilla. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jxihyyst9thq ... HH_na?dl=0 :D



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Man, I’d love to play a Driftwood sometime. The STL plugin of it is ripping. There was a Purple Nightmare on Philly CL a few months ago but I didn’t have $3500 to throw at it.


The maple is Killer. I want a purple nightmare myself but have not had the chance to check one out in person. Maybe sometime though!