DynIR Pack price increases?


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A couple weeks ago I spotted the clean funk jazz essentials pack for $56 (originally $99) and bookmarked it for when I had time to sit down and audition the cabs. Then I had an emergency stay in the hospital and haven't had time to even touch a guitar since getting home. This morning I go to the two notes site and its $99 marked down from $200. Yikes.

This a sign of things to come with other packs? Inflation creeping into digital goods too?
Hi @AnyNameYouWish ,

Thanks for getting in touch. We have not increased our DynIR prices and have no currently intentions to do so; rather we are focussed on maintaining our exceptional value on cabinets and collections for the foreseeable future. You may have seen the Clean Funk Jazz Essentials Pack discounted as part of our periodic promotional campaigns. However, we are just around the corner from our Black Friday Month of mega deals and I am sure you wont be disappointed! :)

As ever, if there is anything you would like to discuss, please dont hesitate to reach out!

Kind regards.

It was discounted earlier - $99 was the MSRP and sale was $56 (I added the price to my bookmark for this and the friedman packs). Now both the MSRP and the sale price have increased to $200 for MSRP and $99 is now the discounted price instead of the MSRP.
Hi @AnyNameYouWish ,

Thanks for getting back to us. Yes, it seems that you had viewed the price when the pack was in deal as part of our scheduled promotional initiatives. May I suggest that you hang fire until November when our Black Friday promotions start - you will be able to secure an amazing deal on any DynIR or DynIR cabinet collection in our portfolio during this period.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Kind regards,

Well it gets funnier and a bit more disturbing.

I haven't had a chance to even pick up my guitar yet so all I can do is check prices once in a while. I'm on the mailing list and received the "system error" sale message that prices will last until november 25th. Figured I had time to wait until things calmed down to audition the cabs to see if they're worth it. Sale price for the things I watched: Clean essentials pack $60 and friedman pack $24.

I also received the weekend only sale email. I bought the bass pack for $80 since it was 90% off and it was for a limited time even though I couldn't test them out. Even if half of them are horrible the price is still worth it - plus I knew for sure the sale would end in a couple of days.

Today I check back since I'm getting close to having my system set up again. Now there's a "black friday" sale going on. The clean essentials pack is $99 and the friedman pack is $39 (where it has been every time I looked at it). So the new "sale" raised prices by $39 and $15 on a sale that is supposed to be running until the 25th

If you're going to run a sale and say prices last until november 25th, don't change the prices until november 25th. And don't run another "sale" that increases what should be your ongoing sale prices in the meantime. It just makes it look like your company can't be trusted, which I'm sure is not your goal.
Good afternoon @AnyNameYouWish
Thanks for getting in touch and we're glad to hear you have taken us up on our Black Friday deals! We are running some great promotions across the month of November, some of which are spot promotions as we're committed to giving our users the best possible deal in this key sales period. There is more to come so please stay posted on our socials and website for the latest deals.

In terms of the System Error Promotion
As noted on the System Error Landing Page, we will routinely pause this across the promotional period in favour of other promotional initiatives. This is also echoed in our terms and conditions for the system error promotion. I have provided a screenshot of the System Error page below and here is a link to the Terms and Conditions: https://www.two-notes.com/en/two-notes-black-friday-2022-system-error-terms-and-conditions/

Rest assured, the system error promotion will be back on line on Monday.

I would like to add, we have just started a buy one, get one free promotion on all DynIRs and DynIR cabinet collections. That means you can get any of the cabinet packs listed in the link below for just 39$/€


A great deal I am sure you will agree!

Please let me know if there is anything else we can help you with today.

Kind regards,



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