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Hey Vince .that clip was really good , Heavy but very melodic .
was it all SLX the fast rhythm and leads?

What mod was the chorused clean at the beginning ?



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Here's a quick song I did to test out the 410 on "tape." Don't mind the "flubs" on the solo. It was totally improvised on the take.

Rundown of the settings / setup:

Mic - Shure SM7B on axis right at the cone / dustcap
Guitar - Handmade Strat (Mahogany body, flame maple neck, with Fender Eric Johnson pickups)
Amp - Mod50 - Tung Sol 6550s, Low power mode using the THD Hot plate at -16 DB
Cab - Egnater Renegade 4x10

Rhythm - ChB Twin - Gain (dimed), Bass (dimed), Mids / Treble (noon) - Reverb Tank (noon), Density (10 oclock), Presence (noon). 2 Tung Sol 12ax7s
Lead - ChA / B COD - Gain A (11 oclock), Gain B (11 oclock), Bass (dimed), Mids (noon), Treble (2 oclock), Reverb Tank (10 oclock), Density (10 oclock), Presence (noon). 2 Jan Philips 5751s

Bass - Pedulla Thunderbass 5 running into a Sansamp RBI and Universal Audio LA-610

Drums - Superior Drummer

Here is the MP3: ... syrock.mp3

Gravity Jim

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Posting this just because:


EDIT: I took this down for bandwidth at the site, so i just realized I had a broken link out there.


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Hi all, new to the Egnater family. Bought a Renegade 65 watt head from Musician's Friend on sale for 20% off. Picked up a Line 6 M13 on the same sale. I run that into a Marshall 1936 2x12 w/ Celestion T-75s. I have a couple of guitars I run through the rig with equally thrilling results: a 2004 American Deluxe Strat (50th Anniversary Edition) and Michael Kelly Patriot Custom (a LP style, dual humbucker I bought used on eBay).

Soo...started making some recordings with it Wednesday on a day off. Here's the first clip, first with the Michael Kelly, neck pickup w/ the coil tap engaged. First I play the riff bone dry, then I play it with the M13's rotary and delay and the Renegade's reverb.

Mic -- SM58
Interface -- Line6 UX-2
Recording Software -- Reaper

Only messed with the levels a touch and added a limiter to cap some of the peaks and add a bit of boost.

Playing's pretty kraptastic (ain't it always with these soundcheck clips? :doh: ). Let me know what you all think! More to come...




  • Egnater MK M13 clean demo chopped v2.mp3
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Here's the same setup on the dirty channel, except now I'm using the strat. First clip is amp only, no fx, 2nd is with M13 and the Renegade's reverb.





  • Egnater M13 strat demo.mp3
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Here's a quick clip of my slightly modded EG5. Added 1000uf cap to the tube board as a treble bleed. Also wanted to try my Rode NT1A mic out on a guitar cab. Nothing special here, just the tweaked sound of the EG5 with a less strident top end and more "air" in the upper mids. I recorded with the FX coming from the rig--GMajII.
Signal path is Guitar->M4->GMaj2->RT 2/50 El34->Egnater 4x12 V30-> Rode Nt1A into Protools.


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An Egnater TOL100 was used on Run and Stevie Wonder, and it was played on an EBMM Silhouette Special with a SD JB in the bridge. Run was all-3rd channel goodness with a slight boost from a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 mosfet, and the "epic" part of Stevie Wonder was the first channel with the Fulldrive 2 running a bit hotter, with a compressor and some delay.

The cab was a Vox 4x12 miked with an SM57 on axis and what I think was an Electrovoice ribbon mic.


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John Czajkowski":2dvpm25n said:
jmgman69":2dvpm25n said:
More of those great sounding clips.

:yes: Ok, here’s one more: my favorite clean tone cocktail recipe ... 70450&q=hi

Here is the guitar group solo’ed from the title track from the upcoming West ZooOpolis album with Marco Minnemann.

Cocktail Recipe:

Amp: live composite of the Egnater Twin/Deluxe preamp in a MOD 50 cranked up on the full power mode until it is getting a little spongy.

To the left is a little of the piezo signal from the RMC hexaphonic bridge in my EB MM Morse.

Wet FX include a little Fulltone CF-1 and Eclipse delay.

Synth: Lastly in the composite cocktail is a little Kurzweil resorgan to the right triggered from an AXON AX 100 and the RMC hex pickups.

Skake and serve!
A true artist man!Your sounds are a true inspiration John!I've been trying to get the wife out and come down to see you live.If you get a chance to post some times and dates that would be GREAT!I'll try and get rid of the kids for the night :D


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I've just uploaded to soundcloud some tracks recorded using both the tourmaster & the renegade. Guys, would love to hear your opinion:

Track 1 is all Renegade head
Track 2, Bogner Shiva for rhythm, Eggie Tourmaster for lead
Track 3 is Line 6 POD mixed with the Tourmaster in stereo.
Track 4 is Tourmaster
Track 5 is Renegade for my parts & CAE OD for Joel Hoekstra parts

All of my gtr tracks recorded at home using a 1x12 Eminence Governor loaded cab. Miked with a single 57.