Egnator Rebel 30 - Extension cabinet makes amp lose power


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I have an Egnator Rebel 30, with a matching 1x12 extension cab.

Recently, the amp stopped working with the extension cab plugged in.
( yes I set the impedence switch to 8 ohms with the ext cab)

It does not cut out completley, I can still hear a very weak (kind of noisy) signal.

When I disconnect the extension cab ( and set impedence back to 16 ohms), the amp
performs normally - full power, volume, and clean.

Also - when I disconnect the internal speaker, and plug into the extension cabinet, the amp
is fine - IE the extension cabinet is OK.

Has anyone else experienced this ? Any ideas on what could be wrong ?

Thanks in advance


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Maybe look at the expansion jack plug, check the output transformer, check where it connects to see if the spear connectors are tight and check the impedesnce switch. I'm no tech but thats a good place to start. Be careful of high voltages when playing inside your chassis, caps will hold a charge.