EHX V256 Vocoder - It's gooooooood.


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Cost a punch to the guts worth of money but this thing pounds for real

The internal synthesizer ensures that even without an instrument plugged in you can still use it without playing anything

I've already copped a fuzz tone messing with the formant filter combined with the tone knob

With the band knob maxed it sounds fantastic before a Boss MO-2

It can get super bassy if you want it to, the lower pitch octaves seem to also have a tilt-based EQ added to them. Lower octaves boost the bass levels really well.

Also for fun I tried micing my guitar thru it and it sounded like a freakin' space pipe organ

Anyone else here try one of these bad boys?

I hate every online demo of this unit but it kicks ass and deserves to rule the world

This is the best demo Youtube has of the pedal, but it's in German, but like, Germans basically invented industrial music so just picture it being Kraftwerk or smth I guess

I'm glad there's a newer demo of this unit cuz it was released in 2008 back when demo vids were all shit. Late 2000's/Early 2010's is such a cursed era for good pedals that never took off quickly because so many of them fell by the wayside due to a lack of good publicity in a flooded market.

It's nice when older (ish) units get newer demos by people who actually know how to do sound properly.