ENGL Ironball 20W SE - Speaker connection and OHM......


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Ive been searching the net and youtube for this info but I cant find it or figure it out.

The E606SE has a jack for 8-16 OHM or 2 jacks for 2 X 16 OHM speakers.

I have an ENGL 212 that is 8 OHM in mono and 16 OHM in stereo if the THRU channel is used I guess.

I also have the ENGL 112 which is an 8 OHM

My problem is this: If I want to connect the speakers to both channels on the head it says 2 X 16 OHMS. But my speakers are both 8 OHM not 2 x 16......

If I connect the 112 - 8 OHM to the 212 THRU and go 16 OHM stereo and ONLY use the single jack output that says 8-16 OHM then it should be ok??

The problem is that if I use the THRU and go stereo the speaker also says 2 x 16 OHM in impedance........

Am I stupid or is there a simple explanation??

Thx Morten


Most amps can handle a 100% mis match. It may not be ideal but usually is considered safe. Now I’m not saying it’s good to do but in theory it should be fine.
two 16 ohm loads in parallel is 8 ohms, so using the stereo wiring doesn’t help you out at all. You have two 8 ohm cabs which will be a 4 ohm load in parallel. This is too low for the 8 ohm output but two 8 ohm cabs in series is 16 ohms, which is what you have where it says 16 ohm serial.

Do not mess with chaining your cabs together using the stereo out/ through unless you have a multimeter and a series box between them as you will only end up with parallel loads of 4 ohms. Which will be very bad for your output transformer.

The manual also states the power soak is only for the 8 ohm output and not to attempt to use it with the 16 ohm side. If you want to use this feature unplug one cab and put the other to the 8 ohm output only.

I will say even with the 2 cabs in series at 16 ohms, they will be quieter and have less headroom than one cab at 8. Also even though the load works out because the speakers are different you will have one cab much louder than the others like this. I guess if you place one closer to you or higher up you may be able to somewhat balance out the volume difference.


You can connect a higher ohm, current wont be an issue. Connecting lower ohm will generate high current. You could try at lower volumes, dont take it to the limit.