ENGL Savage MK2 120 FX Loop quick question.


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Hi folks, been many many years since I owned an ENGL so sorry for the dumb question. I mainly have been a Diezel guy (VHX and VH4) but also have a Mesa Roadster.

I always loved the parallel loops with the blend knob of the VH4 and also even the VHX (but I don't use FX with the VHX as I love the build in FX).

With ENGL amps like the Savage 120 MK2... are the loops considered Parallel or Series? (I ask as I have zero issues with some TC Pedals like flashback delay or Hall fo fame, but once I put it in the Roadster loop it sounds horrible. Also the series loop on the VH4 I really did not like)

Cheers everyone!
Both my Engl Invader 2, and my old Savage 120 Mk2 have the same 2 switchable FX loops (parallel or serial).

Gotta be honest, the Engl FX loops are not as good as my Diezels (VHX, VH4).
The Diezels' FX loops are plug n play.

I measured the Engl FX loop at +4db with a DB meter,
so I try to run my FX at -4db Send/Return to compensate.
But they still don't sound as good as my Diezels