Epic Bartlett 59


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Lightly aged black over flame 59 LP. This is the first time Tom had done this and we came up with the idea. The only real one in existence belongs to Joe Bonamassa. The story goes that a guy waltzed into Gibson and asked for a black LP in 1960. They grabbed a flame burst and painted it black. Not that I want to emulate Joe in any way, but I just wanted another great LP from Tom---and, I wanted it black. So, we came up with this plan. This one also has a Braz board and I went with Throbak PAF's with the Justin Derrico wind, which are great in front of some gain. As usual, the guitar is over the top awesome. In the sunlight, the remnants of the flame top come through nicely. If you ever get a chance to own one, you won't look back....