even modded marshalls by cameron are in ccv price range now!


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whoa!! 5k!

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Wizard of Ozz

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That signature looks suspect... especially the “C”.


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Another stolen Marshall for sale ... meh.
Fatbag & MC should live in the same dumpster as roomates so they can be the Madoff brothers of music gear & rule skid row.
Madoff as in "Madoff" with your money.
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You'd think for $5k there would be more pics. And it clearly "Has been untouched by anyone else." due to the lack of other signatures. I'm sure it sounds amazeballs but, aside from resale value, I'd feel ripped at half that.


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I have seen quite a few of these for sale out of cal over the last few years. I believe its possible mark is getting people to sell for him.
Mark is charging Top dollar from a long time, if he really wanted to pay all folks he could make it happen thru this 11 years.
Another problem, there is a guy from here trying to get his amp back from Mark which have been sent 3 years ago. So the Mark practices hasn't been changed and all this talk about to make things right makes no sense.


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Asking prices are arbitrary. Any product's going rate is for what they actually sell for, not the seller's initial pre-haggle wish list perceived value before any actual offers are received. Oh, and in case no one realizes this, when a Reverb ad is marked as sold, only the original asking price is shown in the archived listing, not actual selling price.


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Well, it does say ‘open to offers’. I’ve seen a few modded Marshall’s sell for 4K and that was before Covid.
Anyone can sell their stuff for whatever they want. You aren’t forced to buy it. CCVs are going for almost DOUBLE that. Shit, every damn thing is up in price these days when it comes to gear.