EVH 5150III EL34 Ground Loop in FX Loop


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only thing I can suggest next is to check solder points and PCB trace points from the Loop jacks to their next point. Aside from that, your next option may be taking it to a tech.

sorry couldn't be much help.
I gave it a visual and nothing looked unordinary. Thanks for the help!


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Doesn’t matter. Buffered,true bypass, even my boss es8 switcher can make it pop.
It helps if I cycle them on and off first.
interesting.. that's usually a "symptom" of True Bypass pedals. I am surpised it happens with all.


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I run every through a boss es8 so I can change the buffer before or after the pedals or both. Still pops every so often.
Doesn’t do it with the metro loops just the Evh loops. I’ve tried it with three different heads.