F/S Line 6 Pod XT Pro and FBV Shortboard


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or Sale: Line 6 Pod Xt Pro Guitar Preamp and MultiEffects Unit and foot controller. This unit is great it features over 100 classic and new amp models and over 50 stompboxes and Effects. It includes the Line 6 amp expansion packs Metal Shop and Collectors Classics as well the Efx Junkie pack ($300 value) Makes a great preamp when paired with a dedicated power amp or can be used as a multiefx unit. It takes up 2 rack units and gleams a bright red.. The FBV shortboard foot controller gives you control over everything in the XT as well as incorporating a wah and volume pedal. I will only sell the pod xt pro and the fbv shortboard together, a $500+value.
call or txt me at 207-469-5581
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