Favorite unfinished fretboard conditioner


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I'm building a couple of parts guitars with Rosewood and want to condition the fretboard. I still have 20-30 year old Lemon Oil and Bore Oil but want to do better.

In any case, check out this Tele neck I just got from Guitar Mill. Everyone seems to want dark Rosewood (me included) but I thought this one looked really cool with all the blonde streaks.



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I have had great luck with Howard's Cutting Board Oil that you can pick up at any Home Depot or Lowes. They also offer a 'butcher's block' conditioner that has a touch of beeswax mixed in that I use on the bodies of my unfinished guitars.


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Birchwood Casey Gun stock wax.
The very Best.
On fretboard and back of unfinished maple neck. Incredible stuff.

Ernie Ball Music Man uses it?


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That board seem to be Pau Ferro. I use raw linseed oil.
It does look a bit Pau Ferro like. I have a Strat with a Pau Ferro fretboard that actually looks more like Rosewood (very uniform, plain, dark grain). I like that neck a lot.