Finally a pic of my rig


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Took me long enough- but I got it running how I want it to. Just need some recordings now (working on that now:)

Amps stack

Messy pedalboard & guitars.


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cardinal":16acpgsg said:
Looks awesome. Running wet/dry?

Kinda. More like wet/dry/wet/dry!
It's complicated.........

Both cabs are in stereo, but wired criss-cross. The Boogie is in the 'middle' so to speak, and the JCM800 is on each side.

Signal chain is: Guitar->fuzz->wah wah->phaser->flanger->chorus->stereo split=>>:

Dry H2O signal to DD20 delay B-> Boogie->"inner" top speakers and "outer" bottom speakers (like this ^)

Wet H2O signal-> Neunaber Chroma detune->overdrive->polyoctave (might move it elsewhere)->DD20 delay A->JCM 800->THD Hotplate->Line Out->SR&D Rockman Stereo Chorus/Delay=>> Mesa/Boogie 50:50 stereo poweramp=>> "inner" bottom speakers and "outer" top speakers (like this V)