Finally bought a new helmet


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Well after putting one of my bikes down July 11th last year. I hadn't been back on a bike. Messed up my hands, elbows and shoulders from impacting face first the back side of a ditch.
Anyways, the ground and my face broke the front plastic of my helmet, full face luckily. I've had the half shells and pea skins/brain buckets in my earlier Harley days. Gotta be cool, right?!
No biggie really, I was in the market for a new helmet anyways. Pretty sure Zi got eight years out of that old Scorpion...

Picked up another Scorpion actually. Didn't intend too, but also had great experience with them in the past.

Fully modular helmet. Has one of these styles in the past and quite noisy.
Well this helmet is not as noisy as I would have thought. Once again, love the pilots inner shade shield (I wear glasses).
Face shield as advertised so far hasn't fogged up. This morning ride to work was 32 degrees and did just fine.
The fit is great, although a size smaller than what I would normally wear.
The intercom/blue tooth system is a first for me. Had to install myself, which wasnt as easy as they would lead you to believe but I got it done. It works great. Haven't answered a phone call while riding, but EVH sounds pretty damn great!
Usually opt for a plain black or flat black helmet, but this one I actually opted for the graphics. Looks great.
The helmet venting so far I don't think is on par with earlier Scorpion helmets I have owned.
Also, in the cons list Id add that I have a hard time getting my hands up there to tighten the chin strap. Been strapping helmets for a very long time and never have had this much trouble, I like a snug chin strap.
One more con, having a hard time unfolding my ears when I put the helmet on.
Oh and second ride and already dropped the helmet. Got my first two scuffs and a couple dings on the new face shield, ugh. Guess I should be glad I didn't just ding a new guitar lol...

So far, two rides and I am fairly happy.
Keep the rubber side down!


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The helmet intercom/blue tooth is pretty neat. I know several folks that ride together that love them.
Ah, convertible (my words). I have one that accommodates glasses for dirt bike riding when I’m not wearing contacts. It doesn’t go to open face though.

Yeah this is similar to a motocross helmet.
Much quieter than my first “convertible” I had years back, lol.
Came with the visor too, just haven't installed it yet.

I need another dirt bike!
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Last dirt bike I had I had to completely rebuild motor. Someone put in the wrong piston and grenaded the motor. Had to have some new metal reworked back inside the case.
Anyways, ended up being a fucking beast and scared me a little so I sold it.
1994 ATK 400


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Wish I could find a modular helmet that was actually comfortable. Bought a new HJC C91, and had it outfitted with the HJC smart Bluetooth system that allows you to talk with other riders, listen to music, or talk on the phone while riding. It felt great when I tried it on in the shop, but after a short ride, my neck was killing me. It is a pretty light weight helmet, but after using it on a couple of rides I felt like I was carrying a cinder block around my neck.Even though it has no obstructions peripherally , I feel like I can't see to the side as well as I can with a half helmet. Has a clear visor and a sun shade, vented, the works, and I really want to like it, but so far I haven't been able to adjust to it. My average ride is 400-1000 miles, so I spend a lot of time on the road. No doubt that a full face offers way more protection than my half helmets do, but the one I have just sucks all of the enjoyment out of the ride. I may give the HJC another try, but if you guys have suggestions on a modular helmet that is feather weight, I will take a look. Prefer to keep the cost between 600-800.
Gotta admit, I had my doubts it would work, but I’m loving the anti fog shield!

Usually my shield fogs up as well as my glasses:mad: