Friedman BE-OD —> normal channel of a plexi style amp


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Anyone get good results with a Friedman BE-OD through the normal channel of a plexi style amp?

Some unexpected medical bills came up so it looks like I’m going to sell either my Suhr SL68 or Friedman BE-100.

Love the SL68, but I only play it through the top left, high treble channel as the normal channel is just too bassy/boomy alone. Wondering if I could use an A/B box with one side going into the top left input, then the other side of the A/B box going into the BE-OD and one of the normal outputs.

I think I might’ve seen a video with Pete Thorn doing this, but curious if anybody else has tried it and liked the results. Does the BE-OD have a flexible enough set of EQ controls to make that work?


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Sorry to hear about the medical bills. The BE-OD into the normal channel of a Plexi sounds great. I did a few videos of the BE-OD for a retailer, and was genuinely shocked by how close I could get it to sound like my actual BE-100.


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May not be applicable exactly, but I have a Marsh 50, which is the early version of the BE. I wanted the plexi tone, so I run the Freidman small box pedal through the Marsha clean and I'm quite happy. Close enough for me without spending $2.5k on the actual amp. I would not be surprised if the BE-OD would deliver a similar result in providing you the BE-100 sound.

Honestly, I think both pedals in front of a clean Fender or Park etc. would probably sound just fine and deliver both tones for much cheaper overall.


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I‘ve got a BE OD Deluxe feeding a bone stock, non MV 1973 50 Watt Marshall and it is flat glorious. I do jumper the 2 channels so I can blend in the sizzle from channel 1 with some of the added ‘girth’ from channel 2. Tonestack on the amp is dimed. The BE OD Deluxe is just SO dynamic and ‘amp-like’ that feeding a true tube amp like the 73 is nothing short of amazing.