Friedman Smallbox 20W (Custom) vs Marshall JCM800 Studio 20W

Del Rei

Hi there!! :)

Quick comparison...

I can't use same EQ in both amps. Marshall is much more bright. So, different EQ was used.



in the first section solo'd, they sound very similar.
Funny though, when the big rhythm guitars kick in, the main riff disappears in the Marshall clip, while in the Friedman clip, everything stays nice and clear and articulate.... :confused:

I guess now we know where the extra money goes....:LOL:


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They seemed very similar until I listened with my studio headphones. Like @fusedbrain said the Friedman clip is nice and clear and articulate.

I've always wondered what Friedman's amps were based on and this one seems to be a perfected JCM800.

Del Rei

@fusedbrain @jchrisf
Hey, guys!
Very interesting how things works when the mix comes, right?

I always think about Friedman as na "improved" Marshall. They're not the same thing, but can be very similar with some small differences. Both sounds greats for me. \o/