Friedman Vintage Amp Line

Were you around then? Techs who really knew how to properly mod a tube amp were rare, and if you could find one, it took forever..

That's the primary reason I learned to do it.

Fender tone stack FEEDING several more gain stages isn't intuitive for most to this day. Hence the millions of posts on boogies being difficult to dial in. Back then, it only existed on mesa and dumble. If you spent time playing a cranked to hell bassman, then you had some idea, but even 40 years ago, that kind of volume was frowned upon in most clubs.
I was around back then. We can only go on our experiences of the time and mine were obviously different from yours. It’s all good.


Probably means a bunch of YouTube vids hit this week.
This amplifier is really cool, it is punchy and articulate.

I’ve had it for a couple days, though I learned that the official release date is not until Friday. Out of respect to Dave and the guy I bought the amp from I removed any sound bites from the internetz for the short term.

I’m pretty stoked, it’s good to feel like a kid for a few minutes every once in a while.