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I'll probably regret this as I love white LP's, but also need to thin. So, for sale is my Edwards LPC in excellent condition. Picked up here less than 2 years ago. Super clean. Neck is very comfortable and plays well. No dead spots or intonation issues. No volute or taper. Spot on in every way. Below is information from the original seller:

Changed out for Locking Tuners. (originals included)
Dunlop Strap Lock buttons
Alessandro 500k volume pot - bridge (best pot I have ever used hands down!!)
Dunlop Super Pot 500k- neck
Gold poker chip toggle selector
Pickups: JB and 59
Weight: 9.8 lbs
Strings: 11-49 D'Addario
Neck: Slimmer profile (more like 60's than 50's)
Board: Ebony

Comes in a hard case. Interior is mint, outside has some of the tolex lifting at the seams. One latch is wonky but works.

$900 shipped/insured/PP in CONUS


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They do indeed! I should probably try to sell my old Epi instead come to think of it. Blah.

This one is sold pending payment!