FS/T: Mesa TA-15 - SOLD!!


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AWESOME sounding amp - I'm honestly a bit on the fence about this as it's one of the best sounding low-to-mid-gain amps I've ever heard. I'm not generally an EL84 fan, but this thing sounds great and is the only "small bottle" amp I've ever really liked. Goes from sparkly Fender Tweed cleans to Vox AC30 over to Marshall JTM/JCM tones. Amp is in great shape, just has the typical tarnishing on the metal shell of the amp from finger oils + tube heat. No issues!

SOLD!!! Asking $650 OBO. Will ship at buyer's expense (should be cheap, it doesn't weigh much!).

Will consider trades for other amps (mostly looking for high gainers - mainly a Diezel Einstein and PRS MT15 are on my list - but something Plexi/JTM styled with jumpable channels would be cool), guitars and recording interfaces.

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