FS: Universal Audio Ox Amp Top Box-sold


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For sale is a gently used Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box Attenuator / Reactive load box. I have two of these and only need one. Sounds great and the new update adds a ton of killer features/cabinets.


A More Flexible Way to Use Your Tube Amplifier
With the Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box, you can play your favorite tube amplifier at its sonic sweet spot at any volume level. And that's just the start — featuring UA's Dynamic Speaker modeling technology, you'll be able to access dozens of spot-on mic and guitar cabinet emulations. Premium analog components and one of the world's best reactive load circuits ensure you'll hear all the dynamics and harmonic complexity your amplifier has to offer. The OX Amp Top Box is a powerful solution for recording, allowing you to achieve those cranked-amp tube tones at any volume level. Many recording guitarists at Sweetwater prefer this recording method for maximum sonic control. Instead of a speaker cabinet, plug your tube amp into the Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box to explore a whole new range of tonal possibilities.

Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box Features:
Reactive load box for tube amplifiers with built-in speaker emulation
Dynamic Speaker modeling emulates the nuanced behavior of real moving speakers
Access dozens of mic and guitar cabinet models
Allows you to achieve cranked-amp tones at any volume level
"Rig" controls elects six customizable mic/cab/FX combinations
"Room" controls the ambient room sound of the Rig emulation
Footswitch input for additional control options
Selectable 4-, 8-, or 16-ohm operation
Built-in EQ, compression, delay, and reverb effects
Headphone output for silent practice
Balanced line outputs and S/PDIF digital output for recording
Use Windows, Mac, and iPad apps over Wi-Fi for remote control