Fun Drag Racing Game


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No Limit 2. It's a blast for anyone that raced or just likes racing games.
GT7's coming out in a week mate.

I know it won't have the absolute-best physics (handling) engine in the world (probably - nobody knows for-sure yet), but it will be the purdiest racing game in history. Physically-modelled moon, star and planet positions for all world locations, physically-modelled atmospherics (mist, haze, clouds), 500,000-polygon cars (read: the most-detailed car renderings ever in a game), career mode, online lobbies... the whole shebang.

I'm excited 'cause I've been waiting since GT6 (9 years!). Only one problem: I can't get my hands on a friggin' PS5. :LOL:
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Thanks for sharing about the fun drag racing game No Limit 2. It's great to hear that it's a blast for anyone into racing or racing games. Finding new games you can get into is always exciting, though I've found many new options lately at Anyway, I'll have to check this game out some time and give it a try. Thanks again for sharing, and happy racing!
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