Gibson Garage Kirk Hammett Greeny in production... 50K? WTF??


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I was with you right up until the very end brother. And I'm way more a KH fan than PG. If they are going to add the Hammett name then imo it really should be "Moore-Hammett Greeny". Adding the Hammett name without adding Moore's name just doesn't seem right. Almost revisionist history.

So to me it is and will always just be Greeny. The story of the three legendary owners is very much a part of it but I don't think we should tack on every subsequent owner's name.

And I kind of hate KH carving his initials in the back. Why Kirk?
I do agree with you on KH carving his initials on the back of the guitar.


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“…expect the price of these highly limited-run guitars to skyrocket in the years to come.”

Not if the price ‘skyrocketed’ before they were released.


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What some people don’t realize is that this is a $2k guitar with a $48k dinner with Kirk and other overpriced swag thrown in to persuade the purchaser to feel special. I might’ve been impressed if Gibson scoured the globe for old growth mahogany, and eastern hard rock maple for this project in addition to the Brazilian RW.


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I really hate to be the guy to say that someone doesn't deserve a specific guitar, but if you listen to what Moore did with it compared to Hammett, it makes me wish someone would put a restraining order on Hammett so he couldn't touch Greeny ever again. A guitar capable of so much tonal subtlety is completely lost on a player like Hammett.
My least favorite guitar player out of any "get's paid to play" pro guitar players.


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I'm not a fan of this Hammett Greeny thing and understand they have taken some bad detours recently, but I love my new Les Pauls. My Standard was cheaper than my 2008 Standard and plays fantastic.

The company is absolutely 💯 better than it was 10 years ago. I know that because the new designs kept getting worse, prices kept going up, and they were noisy, broken, out of tune and awful. I nearly gave up on Gibsons and was looking at PRS.

I think Kirk is a great guitar player but got lazy a bit. He seems like a great human though and seemed stoked to have that guitar due to thr history. With that said, nobody EVER refer to thst guitar as a "Hammett". That is like taking Lemmy's Murder 1 bass and selling it to Flea, Jaco, etc. It will always be Lemmy's.

That guitar has always been the Peter Green guitar. They should have marketed this as that and still could have referenced Kirk owning it, still meet and greet, etc but leave the name and legacy with Peter's name. Still is a ridiculous price.