Gibson Garage Kirk Hammett Greeny in production... 50K? WTF??


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I just know there are guitar cases out there with the following stenciled on their exteriors:

Collen, Chippy (Jackson)
Beach, Chippy (Ibanez)
Stevens, Chippy (Hamer)


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It's as if people are just finding out Gibson is a bloated, faceless, multinational corporation, that only wishes to pay dividends to it's share holders.
Their business model is about as progressive as their guitar design lol.
True, but I still love my SG.


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I saw this when they announced it it's just absurd! In my opinion with shit like this they're pushing customers away rather than bringing them towards their product, it's completely disgusting!
Not everyone buys the CVOs, but selling them to those that can afford them (and ride them for 700 miles before flipping because they're rich and don't really ride), doesn't keep Harley Davidson from selling all those other, more affordable bikes..
Good for Gibson, seizing an opportunity to make someone feel special and rape in an obscene amount of $$$.