Gibson Releasing $999 PAF Limited Edition Pickups

Doesn't Duncan have the original winding machines? Wasn't Seth Lover the consultant for the SD Seth Lover that I also don't find quite as good as a '57 classic? I guess Throbak has finally met their match for stupid pricing geared towards fools easily parted with their cash.

bUt iT sEz GiBsuN oN iT!
This pic makes me sick. This musical jewelry box probably has better tone than the pickups.

Cool presentation, but I see most of these being kept sealed rather than actually used. The listing on the website also says "Series 1", so maybe we'll see other pickups or additional runs.
Yeah, I don't get that these are targeted at people because of how they think they'll sound. Maybe a few cork-sniffers who think there's magic in something that's more period correct. It seems like these are meant for people who want to spend money on bragging rights, or perhaps want to sit on them and resell them later. Maybe a few actual bona-fide collectors. People who are looking for best-of-class PAF tone have lots of other options, depending on what their idea of "best" is.
Maybe this is what JS needs for the gig too? That thread is a total TGP...oh Joe is only shopping. Omg we need a safe space blah blah on and on in need of this pickup purse and a bitch slap...does my butt look big in these tan pants. Hey look at my new PRS fellas.
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