Got my first car with balls

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Nothing fancy to anyone into cars. 2017 Daytona 5.7L.

I went from a 4 cylinder to this so it's a big step up for me but it's no Scat Pack.

370HP, 395lb torque where as the Scat Pack is 485HP and 475lb-ft.

It is roughly $8k - $10k difference between the 2 and I just couldn't afford it.

My car moves and sounds incredible but the Scat Pack had me shitting my pants.

Anyway as this being a daily driver I wanted some opinions. Looking at price/performance but also a big worry is causing issues on my only car atm.

Could get a comp cam, long headers and a 3.09 differential. Parts and labor, idk. Guessing $5k for all that? To MAYBE get close to scat pack numbers?

Just not sure if I should wait to see how this car does through a winter, save up a few more k and trade for a scat pack or just upgrade some parts.
I'd save up and trade up for a scat pack car. I've done upgrades on pretty much every car I have ever owned and it would be sweet to get something bone stock that delivers the goods without the hassle of the upgrades.
Did this to my 5.7
Scat packs look out.


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