got that shit again....

I got sick while visiting my family in Brazil, october 2020, pre vax, and my oldest brother, a cardiologist, got us on Ivermectin, Azithromycin and one other medication that I can't remember the name.
It was me, my mom and younger sister sick.
We had to monitor our fever and blood oxygen all the time.
He also recommended all the house windows opened the whole time, with fans on the windows, to force air circulation. No AC and close windows. It was october, and it was brutally hot!
Also, lots of fluid all day long, and on the early mornings, sun bathing with belly exposed, for D vitamin.
We were lucky that he prescribed those as soon as I tested positive, and because of that, covid didn't worsen up with the following days.
We were sick for two weeks, and tho we weren't the worse case we heard of, it was pretty bad still.
Try getting as much sun light you can in the early morning on your chest and belly, if the weather is good there. It's free and it doesn't hurt.
Hope you feel better soon.
The Argentina experiment shared by Kory and FLCCC cemented Ivermectin’s efficacy to me. Used it in December 2020 for acute COVID and thereafter for post COVID. “No viable treatment options” is the lie the FDA used to approve “Emergency Use Authorization” for the bogus injections.

Here it is, from Dr. Malone’s mouth at the TN House Subcommittee for Health in March. This matter is settled beyond reason of doubt:

fuck me-I'm still sick as fuck. I have had two doctors look at my throat and both have said it looks like a chemical burn. I had better, went and got my m.s. treatment and boom....satanic streptococcus from hell. boys-I don't have it in me to complain but fuck, this has been miserable. Finally today it does not hurt as bad as it did, and I feel slightly better. Still getting out and mowing and repairing my back deck.
Hey JBT, Did you finally put this in your rear view mirror?🙏
Hey JBT, Did you finally put this in your rear view mirror?🙏
nope...the rona I did. Still dealing with the sore throat thing. Mono seems to be flaring up in our area now and my wife who was in healthcare for awhile is convinced I have mono. I'm going to get checked again next week. I'm fine though. It's just really aggravating. Plus I just don't feel 100%
Hope you and yours are good Keith...