Has anyone used an RJM PBC to channel switch a PT-100?


I've been doing my channel switching with other amps using a multi pin cable from an RG-16. It's super easy to program and save. I know the MIDI input on the PT100 doesn't act in the same way (though I wish the amp did have a multi pin switching port and make my life easier.). I am seriously looking at a PT100 after demoing a friends for a few weeks. I can dial that Blue channel in to give me the most incredible version of AC/DC I have ever gotten. The midrange is voiced perfectly. I'd hate to buy a multi channel amp just to leave it on blue channel even though it will live there for the most part. I'm pretty basic with my use of MIDI. I line up all my device presets and change them with PC changes.

Is the PBC, with or without the editor, somewhat easy to change channels on the amp?
I do not have the pt100 (Yet) but the PBC 6 is super easy to program channel switching with midi. It literally took me 2 min to set it up for the EVH 5150 iii 50w without using the editor(I had some difficulty in the past with this amp and midi program with a few pieces of gear, not sure if they updated something in the amp or not).

Also works flawlessly with the Suhr PT15 (TRS), Suhr Hedgehog, Victory Super Kraken, eventide h9 and Source audio collider. I set everything up in the editor and it was a breeze. One note is you have to save the changes to the PBC for it to work, unlike some editors it does not change anything real time.

I would assume the Hedgehog is setup the same as the PT100 for midi, so I saved my settings preset 1,2,3 & 4 on the amp so it makes it easy to choose the preset/amp channel to my pic preset