Help With A Diezel Columbus (and a Diezel Paul)


Ok, So NAD has happened and I have a stack of new gear to sort out...

Gear List: Diezel Paul, Diezel Columbus, Strymon TimeLine and Mobius

Issues: Diezel Columbus 5 Pin Midi ---> Diezel Paul 7 Pin Midi ---> Strymon 5 Pin Midi (Why the heck is the Paul 7 pin???)

What I was hoping to do was to have specific control over both the amp and the FX from one Mini Pedal board so that I could have channels assigned as well as patch changes for the Strymon FX

Example 1:

Patch 0 = chan 1 Patch 5 = chan 1 with reverb and loop
Patch 1 = chan 2 Patch 6 = chan 2 with reveb and loop loop
Patch 2 = chan 3 Patch 7 = chan 3 with loop
Patch 3 = Strymon TL present down Patch 8 = Strymon TL patch up
Patch 4 - Strymon Mob preset down Patch 4 = Strymon Mob preset up

In this case, patches 3,4,8,9 don't make any changes to the amp only scroll through presets.

Example 2:

Patch 0 = chan 1
Patch 1 = chan 2
Patch 2 = chan 3

as before but,

Patch 3 = Loop ON but makes no change to channel settings
Patch 4 = Master Volume 2 ON but makes no change to channel settings


1st problem may be I'm an idiot...
2nd problem is Midi conversation from and to 5 to 7 pin
3rd Problem might be, based on reading the Diezel Columbus manual, that Example 2 is not at all possible and that all setting require a complete channel change.

Any Help?

I might be able to guide you here a little bit, corrections welcome as I do not use the Columbus as Midi Pedal and also not the Paul.

- you do not need a 7 PIN Midi cable at all, the 7 PIN is only necessary in case you want to supply Power to your midi equipment. (not sure if the PAUL is able to provide power to Columbus)

- you need to connect then the MIDI out from PAUL to the Strymon Timeline MIDI in and the TimeLine MIDI out to the MOBIUS MIDI in (5 PIN Cable)

- Here might be issue for what you are trying to do: the Columbus can only sent MIDI PC changes! so you can built a Patch that can do one specific setup (e.g. Channel 1 + Reverb + Loop on + Strymon Patch 3), but you won't be able to use the Columbus to e.g. turn strymon on off/bypass/ etc.. here you would need MIDI CC Changes in addition.

Try first to setup the PAUL with a few Patches without the strymons involved to see if it works as expected and then integrate the Strymons, happy to help here.

How ist you chain looking (so how do you plan to integrate the Strymons in your setup?)
Hey - cant help on anything else but 7 pin midi is midi + power normally. If you use a 7 pin cable you can normally power things like footcontrollers etc. :)