Help with Diezel Schmidt reverb


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I just got the amp.
I knew up front the reverb didnt work.

Eveything else works just fine.

Could it be tube related?

Did a retube but still no reverb

But what a amp!

I gave up my order on a princeton reverb hand wired for this withou any regret!

Channel 1, simply beautiful, a other ball park then the Herbert, the response and life is fender -ish
Channel 2, creamy, sustain, grit and with a TS it brings me in to the Herberts territory
Channel 3, i dient even spend time on

It came with a rear loaded dieze cab with g12h greenbacks, the speakers arent my cup of tea
So ill be swapping them out soon
The Schmidt is a really special amp , between it the Matchless C30 I can't decide which one is my favorite cleans. That's how good it is.
As for drive there's no contest.
I really like through a Mesa Thiele cab with the EV12L.
Have you checked the connections from the reverb tank to the amp, maybe clean them up? It's likely the reverb - but worth a shot.
Yes i checked it, who knows maybe the former owner dropped it.

I have boss rv6 in the loop and my god the clean channel is extremely lush.

The way the amp reacts to my picking is very special, i guess this is a better amp for me then the Herbert.

I dont have any experience with the EV12L, i know i didnt like the greenbacks, having only played v30 i know in biased.

Channel 2 takes a ts very well, so i dialed it in as a slight low gain crunch and with a boost its Herberts channel 2 but fatter, less compressed but still verry tight.

So im used to playing some jazz, gilbert licks, some nevermore type things, some low gain leads and riffs before going to bed and this amp delivers!
I also enjoy that the eq is responsive, better then the Herbert, ik getting more sounds usable, escpeciqlly when it comes to the styles vetween jazz and hardcore metal.


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