Herbert mk3 and pesky fizz


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Anyone with a mk3 contend with some fizzy hairiness to the gain, particularly on channel 3?

Curious if anyone of you have had the same issue, and how you dealt with it, if at all.

I’m running fluence modern actives straight into it. Cab is recto 4x12 with v30s. I’ve been able to tame the fizz with a few controls:

1) presence below 11:00
2) mid cut engaged but intensity very low
3) boost mids
4) treble below 12:00
5) gain below 1:00

So far this has yielded positive results, but I feel like I’m just a bit short of where I’d like to be.

Some changes I’ll be trying in the coming days:

1) swap current TAD EL34 STRs for JJ-KT77

2) put a TAD 7025 HG in V1 and V2

Any input is appreciated
JJ-KT77 swap fixed it

Didn’t know how much the el34s were congesting the mids and sharpening the highs

the swap scooped the amp. Bumped mids up a bit, lowered cut intensity, turned presence down (9:00…amp is still sufficiently bright at this level with these tubes)

Now it’s exactly as I dreamt of the sound, sans annoying background fizz