How bad is Kirk Hammett - let's be honest.


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Old thread is old I suppose.

I’d say anyone hating on Kirk should watch “Murder In The Front Row”.

I think beyond whether or not we think Kirk is an amazing player, he’s solidified his spot in the legacy of both metallica and the Bay movement in general.

Seems no one from that time doesn’t have a great history with Kirk. He taught Holt how to play, and seemed to be one of the biggest guys pushing bands to get moving in the beginning.

Was he better than Mustaine… nope, but he was embedded in that scene. He’s got too much history in Metallica for them to ever move him on.

As said, he ain’t the best lead player but he’s the best lead player in Metallica. I think he’s worthy of the respect of most, simply due to his part in the history of American thrash.

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I think you are all those things you deny. Where's the video of you doing all the shit Hammett did in the video you posted, only better?....

Yeah "geetarmikey" (if that's even your real name), where's the video? You've had almost 8 years to make one, so you have no excuse!!!!

Good job on calling out this better part of a decade long fraud, ubastardguy.

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Well i'll give him A for creativity. He likes the wah for sure but KH has recorded some of the heaviest chords & riffs ever. made.
Certainly alot worse but im no KH fanboi.


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BY FAR, my least favorite heavy metal guitarist of all times. Can't hold a candle to Mustaine's playing in Metallica (and songwriting).


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I think his playing on the first three is fantastic but those records didn't need to swing or have a lot of expressive vibrato. Once they started getting more classic rock in the 90's he was in trouble. Love the raw ripping tone he got on Kill 'em All.


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Kirks stuff on the first two albums is good ... And also written by mustaine lmfao

But if I'm being honest I literally learned all those solos in junior high, they aren't technically challenging just good writing

starting on MoP he started getting progressively sloppier and shittier and more dependent on wah and effects

By the time the late 90s hits he's varying degrees of awful.

Yes, he has a massive bank account, and so would like 368 other rig talk members if we were around when Lars kicked mustaine out.


So many guitarists fall in to that category though of after a certain point they stop evolving and start their declines. But, the Metallica camp don’t seem to be looking at changing the equation.