How do i remove a triamp MK 2 from the headshell?


Hey all. I have a triamp MKII and bought some 6L6's for it. 2 there enough adjustment on the bias trim pot to switch to 6L6's or do resistors need to be changed. Also, i've read that it's diffifult to get the MkII's out of the head shell due to the light in the front. Anyone have any pointers? Cheers.


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Dont know bu8t I always thought these amps were way underated. Seems like no one ever talks about them. They are pretty damn sweet.
The biggest pointer for removing it from the head shell is to remove the 2 lower rear plastic corner protection pieces. They get in the way when you slide the amp back and out. After they are removed it's a clear path. Just work it out slowly holding the transformers. And tilt the amp forward and out at the end so the front glass/lights aren't banged when it's almost out.

Other things that need to be removed are the rear plate and the top inner metal piece. That comes out by removing the 3 screws on top.

The bias trim pot is marked TR2. H&K recommends 32mA for EL34s. That matched up with the target according to the plate voltage measured on mine.

As for 6L6's I don't know. The dealer I purchased from said he tried them and they sound great. But elsewhere I read that a different heater voltage needs to be supported for 6L6's. So I never tried them.

Maybe someone else can chime in on whether 6L6's can be substituted in general if there is enough range on the bias pot.


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If you PM me your email address, I will send you some documentation on what must be done to convert the amp to run 6L6s.

As far as getting the chassis out of the headshell... Remove the rear corner protectors. Remove the screws on the top of the amp that hold the top of the plexi glass in place. Go SLOWLY when removing the chassis.