I biased my friends VH4


Hey Everyone,

I biased my friends VH4 today. He wanted 6L6s put in and I had a bias meter with time to burn so we did it! It was so easy, and it gave him the sound he was looking for. Here is a gut picture of his amp and one of his VH4 playing "nice" with mine.



Best wishes,

you don't realise how lucky you both are to be able to jam with such awesome gear :mrgreen: everyone here just has Marshall cabs and one or two guys have Randall's and 5150s...

Not me... Herbert :mrgreen: haha
I know I am very lucky. I waited nine months for my VH4 and every time I turn it on I feel it was worth the wait (every single day of it)!

Best wishes,

yeah man, I can't remember how long it was I had to wait for my Herbert but as you said, so worth it man :)