I want to...

Sam Laming

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Shake Peter Diezel's hand if I ever go to Germany/he comes to England.

I've had my Herbert about a month now but the pleasure I get playing it every day... I love it. Alot of people say they're a bit pricey and that... but you know what, I couldn't be happier with it, maybe it's cliche to say this but utterly worth every penny.

I thought lots of people asked questions on this forum so I thought I'd give some praise and thank Peter again :)
Want to second that.....Peter Diezel. Thanks so much for an outstanding amp.

My Herbert was removed from my usual playing area during the holidays. Lack of space and entertaining forced this upon me :cry:

Just put everything back in place and cranked it a bit and WOW :eek:

I was going through withdrawals and didn't even realize it....This amp is worth every penny !!!

I have the Einstein combo also which is also in a league of it's own. Keeping an eye out for a VH4 to complete the collection

I as well have a Herbert and an Einstein combo 50.
I couldn't imagine not having at least one of these amps to play on.
I've been doing recording sessions and am getting rave reviews from the engineer on just how well these amps record to tape...using just the compensated out features!
We tried various high-end mics and found that the tone from the compensated out was just as good. AND, all of the recording I did was recorded flat at the recording desk. This was another thing that the engineer was amazed about. It saved so much time trying to find a good tone using mic placement, and the results were stellar. The guitar sounded absolutely natural and alive just using the comp out.