Incoming Bray Coco 50...with some Scumback 1 tweaks...

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I've got a Bray Coco 50 incoming next week. Known Dave for about 16 years, he had an opening in his Coco 50 builds so I pulled the trigger. I've heard this amp in person through my speakers many times, so this is a no brainer purchase.

Long story short, it's getting shipped next week, and I'm really looking forward to it since I went to Dave's place with a speaker order 4-5 years ago and played it in person with his Strat.

Sigh, now the waiting begins. Argh!

Updates when it gets here, maybe even a clip or two...but Dave has provided the "test clip" movie for me.

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I got the Coco hooked up to my 2061 style 2x12 with the M55/M75 mix last night. David should really sell this amp with a handy wipe so you can clean up your shorts after you play it. It's like's just that good. Got a buddy coming over to test it with more cabs today, likely the M75, M75-PVC and BM75 4x12's.

My impressions of it after I get them hooked up will happen later. Right now, though. I could do any club gig I'd want with this amp. The Gangster mode is just nuts!