Incoming NAD ‘78 2203

Something very organic and beautiful about a good stock JMP cranked up. Not a ton of gain, but the ‘tone’ makes up for it👍

… and of course, you just punch it with a good boost to put it into our wheelhouse😂😉
Something about how you can control the feedback is so cool. You can’t do that on modern high gain amps . It’s just this cool thing that happens and is unique
It's funny how many great tones are in these amps. I have a Ceriatone 2204 that is supposed to be modeled off these late 70s JMPs and early 80s JCMs. Mine didn't sound like the great video posted here so I looked at the settings he was playing it at and backed my volume down where Blake had it and it sounded very similar. Between gain, volume and the tone knobs my amp can pull a lot of different, great tones.