Inflated used prices coming down?

Did 10 years in retail and agree 100% sir. If people stop feeding the machine those prices will come back down to realistic numbers. It’s not only the law of economics, but headed for another recession and the holidays people will think-hopefully- about listing their gear at ridiculous prices
Sadly, we will be unable to participate in this. See Biff, sitting on his yahyt off the coast of Bermuda, wants to buy an EVH guitar to hang in his room next to the Elk heads.
All speculation, but I don't think we are going to see this trend completely reverse itself. My theory is that the pandemic has made two major changes to the guitar scene: 1 it got a lot of people interested in guitar for the first time, and 2 it got a lot of players BACK into guitar. So we have a surge in people playing guitar, plus a wane in supply/availability = current market.

When supply resumes a normal status, prices should come down in some categories but we are still left with a ton of people playing guitar that weren't before. Lots of new found inspiration. And all these people are going to start discovering the lore of vintage amps and the demand will remain, if not climb even higher for things like old Boogies and Marshalls.
Combo of supply and demand. And YouTube channels.

Classic example Mesa Rectifers. Before Rona funk you could find a clean rev G two channel for somewhere between 800-1200. Now they are north of 1500. Rev f. Good luck under 3K. Granted the two channels are no longer made ( they should do some reissues).
But so much gear has gone parabolic.
I was around in the 80’s when you could pick up Norton era Les Paul customs for 6 to 800 all day long. Now they are insane. And trust me they were descent guitars but not worth 4 to 6K today. Plus they were 12lbs.
Equipment has gone el loco.
Market has me flip flopping back and forth on Moving my 1974 Marshal Superlead MONOMYTH Modded. My '93 Monomyth SLP covers the same ground and a bit more with more switch options.
But will it be worth more if I sit on it. Hmmmmmmmm :)
Prices usually dip this time of year till spring. So we could be just seeing that usual dip, but I have noticed some prices come back down a bit, but stuff still seems very inflated could to pre COVID.
Problem is this: There are deals to be had but you have to be quick on the trigger. Over the last month I’ve noticed a Mk IV for 1200, and a few JMP/JCMs for 1400 or a little less. All at GC….but they were gonzo in less than 1 hour. Imo there are a small number of these fast buyers who are hoarding the better deals and then trying to flip them for 70% more than what they paid, listing on Reverb or EBay etc. This has been going on for a while now. Until these deals get a chance to sit and let a real buyer who actually wants to PLAY the amp, buy one…these prices today won’t change anytime soon.
Some people are going back to work. The time they spent "learning" to play guitar is no longer there,and many realized how time consuming it is to become good. Now they are considering selling their stuff and taking up a simpler hobby like hopscotch (which is more fun if you use real scotch).
Scotch is like 2% cheaper than blow.

And, scotch is terrible.