Interesting amp issue..


Okay, I bought a Roccaforte Jenelle a couple of weeks ago. Some things went screwy for a little bit and I didn't get to try it at rehearsal until this Wednesday. So, I get to rehearsal, throw it on my cab and get ready to rock. Half way through the first song, I notice that the amp is vibrating across the cab. It almost fell on the floor. Now, I'm not even running the bass that high or anything unusual. It sounds great, it just seems like perhaps something in the Jenelle circuit is hitting the resonant frequency of my cab. Does that sound remotely possible? I was running a Splawn Nitro with no issues like this.



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I've seen this happen before too. Wonder if a skid mat would work :confused: I remember some of those older cabinets that had the cups receded for the amphead feet to fit in.


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i have the same problem with my krank. not on the gain channel but the clean channel with my fuzz pedals goin. its scary the first time you notice it. i shoved a 3 inch by 12 inch by 16 inch piece of dense foam between the head and cab and its all good now. :thumbsup:


My buddy suggested putting Velcro on the bottoms of the feet. Hahaha... That would probably work, then I'd have Velcro stuck to the top of the cabinet though.

I may look into getting some foam or something this weekend. That seems like a pretty good idea. It sounds freakin' killer, I just don't want to have to put the head on the floor or anything like that.


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My old Carvin 412 used to do that. :LOL: :LOL: Some frequency made it vibrate like crazy. Got a Boogie cab and it's solid as a rock. It doesn't move/vibrate at all.
I think it's more the cab than the head, but I may wrong. It might be a specific frequency that that amp is producing.