Is Billy Gibbons bald

I always assumed he lost his hair a while ago hence that hat .... where do you get one of those because I think it is cool as shit it a nana sort of way haha
It's an African cap. I believe he got the first one from an African tribal leader...but my memory of the story is from a long time ago. I think I read it in his guitar collection book,the big one like Rick Nielsons. That book is hard to find now,without spend big bux. It might be in the smaller book that has his cars in it too. Both books have a lot of great stories told in Billys groovy vernacular.

My guess is that he is bald-ish. He is old as fuck,but still brings it greasey-groovy note at a time.
I saw an episode of Live from Daryl's house (which LOVE)... and BG was on. I saw the shit hanging from his hat...looked like brown/blonde-ish baby dreads or something...then a scene later it was green? WTF? I'd been drinking but was confused AF by the entire hat-hair-color change-getup.

but BG is cool AF, no doubt, and makes so few notes sound so good. Surprisingly, and appropriately unrelated, he claims he plays 7's
I totally know what you mean about Live from Daryl's House - it's such a good show! I haven't seen that particular episode, but it sounds like it was pretty wild with the changing hat-hair-color situation. I'm a big fan of BG too, he's got such a cool vibe and definitely knows how to make those notes sing. I don't play any instruments myself, but I can definitely appreciate someone who's got that kind of talent. Speaking of hair, have you ever tried nourishing hair follicles naturally? I've been using this product that's made with all natural ingredients and it's been amazing for my hair health. I used to have a lot of breakage and my hair just felt dull, but since I started using this stuff it's been so much softer and shinier.