Joyo JE-307 barndoor pre-amp mini-review


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I just finished restoring/rescuing a neglected Martin DRS1 that had a hole in the side.

So, I squared off the hole and installed a Joyo JE307 (super ultra cheap) pre-amp, mostly because it had a built-in tuner and covered the hole nicely.

I just fired it up and played a little. I am very surprised. All the controls give a great deal of tonal variation and the output is quite loud and clean and sounds pretty true.

I have a viscerally negative reaction to piezo quack and this didn't have any of that.

Look, it's not even a modest quality audio part - the thing cost me $17 on Amazon, but I could not believe how respectable it was.

Totally, totally, surprised and impressed.


The piezo pickup wire was quite thick so it might cause a saddle to sit a little higher and the plastic is delicate and breaks easily. So, typical low-cost stuff but, again, totally pleasantly surprised. Even the tuner accuracy and response is tolerable (in a pinch).

If looking for a cheap barn door option (which I never would unless I had a hole in a guitar) this one is OK.