Just realized something.

Donnie B.

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I'm a lucky SOB.

Hey, to be fair, we all age Brother Keef.

What can you do? :dunno:
Well, The thread title is ‘just realized something’ and it was posted on September 3, 2021, so did he ‘just’ realize it on that day or 10 years ago?
if you’re posting something you just realized, you could use ‘now pics’ and not over a decade ago, unless you are an insecure, dishonest liberal, 40 year old woman 😉
… Just so typical of pathetic Donnie.
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You know how it goes brother - the ol' dating-app pics are notoriously out-of-date for obvious reasons. :LOL:

Not that I'd know from first-hand experience; I'm just guessing. Never even seen a dating-app page 'cause I've never had a mobile "device". Heck, I don't even know how to send a text message. :bash: :LOL: