Lot of tone from a snarling AC/DC to some Lay it down Warren vibe


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Lot of option when ordering a custom amp. These will not disappoint.
Mark from MGL is a pleasure to deal with. From ordering to the final build.

Took delivery of a Red Circuit model in the first week of April.
This is something I have wanted and dealing with the company's owner gave me confidence with no doubting his abilities to deliver what we decided on.

And who of them wins? 😁
The MGL has a SAT switch on the back that gets it close to the Fortin.
But remember, the MGL is more Marshall vibe than a 4 gain stage Jose style amp.
Both have their place in the tone line up. Both have a clean channel.( I chose a clean channel but a 2nd Master volume is an option as well)

The MGL was finishes to spec in 2 weeks.
The builder is very easy to get in touch with. Has a shit ton of old skool story's and makes sure his builds are something he would want himself if MGL Amps didn't exist.

Marks a real Class Act,
I cant wait to get and play mine. I had remembered my ss (randall) being a better amp. I guess the wizard spoiled me. I am lucky that mark is a quick builder because playing my guitar depressed me last night. Just 2 weeks
Oh. I am just bitching because i have to play my little solid state amp til my new mgl amp comes. I know it is hard to sympathize with me, but i am in real pain. I think i will just play my acoustic until it is here
Wait, but you had other amps? Or at least that’s what I thought.

I mostly play through my phone in headphones, so don’t tell me about pain lol
Very articulate in note separation.
Did you order a 2nd Master or the clean channel option
2nd master. I will be honest with you. I have no need of a clean. I like to roll back the volume. I will be honest with you again. I have no need of a second master, but i have an idea. If you set one master really low. and you start playing and your friend is really leaning in to hear it, and then you footswitch to the second master that is cranked, that is business