Luxxtone can be compared too?

I keep going into a local store to play this machete they have for sale. Pretty nice,it does remind me of my usa charvels. Difference being the machete has a huge neck on it tho.I usually dont get on with baseball bat necks, but the machetes is actually very comfortable and not that " chunky,clunky," feeling at all.(the one I demoed is obviously the larger neck dimensions)
I have a 3.5 yr wait custom shop charvel that came in that shreds a bit easier and is sleeker and faster on the neck( I ordered it that way tho),and the quilt top is to die for.
Having said all that,I could own a luxtone and be very happy with it no doubt. Idk the company well enough yet,but it does appear they are going for the San Dimas, super strat configuration tho. Would love to more.if I keep playing this guitar every time I go in the store, I'll end up bringing it home.
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Think of a guitar with a Charvel vibe. Add in the broken in and effortless “feel” factor finished off with fretwork better than any other maker or plek could pull off
Absolutely right! Each guitar is individually worked. I remember Jerry pulling the strings off a brand new build and started filing the frets down. I asked him why he was doing that to a brand new build and he told me that even brand new necks need a work over to bring it to where it needs to be for the customer. Each one is personalized! I worked side by side with him on Luxxtone builds. I worked at Luxxtone. All the hype is real!
I bought Mike's one (Zuel69) that was for sale on this forum!

😲 dang!