MAK Crazy Sound Technology - Octronix(Shimmer,Octaver,Synth)

Alex MAK

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MAK Crazy Sound Technology - Octronix(Shimmer,Octaver,Synth)


OCTRONIX - Your round trip ticket to the vast depths of outer space! This extraordinary intergalactic device from MAK crazy sound technology, grants it's users all access exploration and experimentation through it's very own euphonious space continuum! Octronix combines the divine trinity effect all users must have! The OCTAVER, SHIMMER and SYNTHAVER. Octaver polyphonic allows crystal clean dry or wet 1UP Octave as well as 1DOWN Octave separately or together! This pedal perfectly handles both individual notes or entire chords! SHIMMER is made by a new remarkable technology Dark Krystal and gives your guitar a harmonious gift from high out of our atmosphere and into a new galaxy of sound! Shimmer tones can be accomplished with a very broad and flexible adjustment, which also allows for original tones such as reverb, and Sintaver - Octo-Shinto ringmod. Thanks to innovative technologies, we are able to fit as many effects in one small box, while providing superior sound quality! It's unbelievably incredible but true! This pedal is a true bypass pedal and is Powered by a 9V power supply or (9V) battery!