Marshall Grind ripping speakers sound


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One of my most favourite heavy guitar sounds is this old bootleg of Mercyful Fate from 1981/1982, playing Shadow Night.
Even with the crappy YouTube compression it still sounds great. Such a heavy grinding sound but has that midrangey ring and "kerrang" for lack of a better description.
It's like the speakers are breaking up and ripping, but it sounds awesome.

It this from just using a cranked 100 watt Marshall Plexi into a 4x12 loaded with 25 watt Celestions? (Well two of them, one per amp). On the other hand I think both guitarists Hank Schermann and Mike Denner both using full stacks, so I guess that would minimise the speakers being pushed to near past their limit?

Here it is anyway :rock:


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Dopethrone":3210cj4a said:
yep. insane metal tone there! i'm curious as to how they achieved this tone too.

Hopefully it can be sussed out. All I can think of is a Marshall Plexi cranked up, pushed with a Electro Harmonix LPB-1 Line Driver or similar into either a single 4x12 or full stack.
For both Denner and Schermann.