Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Multi Watt EQ HELP!


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I just purchased a multi watt dual rectifier and am having a ton of trouble with the EQ. I am coming from a Splawn Quick Rod and used to own a Mesa Single Rectifier. This Multi Watt is just a complete different beast when it comes to the knobs. Can anyone give me some tips on a solid channel 2 tone in vintage mode for punk/thrash? Also a solid channel 3 tone in modern mode? Any help and advice would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!
Have you tried any of the suggestions in the manual.

PS: I have a Quick Rod and Mesa Rectoverb :D

Those settings itsme has there is pretty close to mine. Don't have a multiwatt.

I run my QR however with the treble on '0'. I hear that works well with Mesa's but now shocked I have not tried lol.