Metro/Friedman with 6ca7 clips

50MkII":3n842bxc said:
Sounds good! What was your signal chain going from guitar through to computer?

Thanks, I used a Warmoth custom Strat with a PRS 59/09 on the bridge and a WCR Goodwood on the neck. I used an MXR 10 band eq with mild frown face eq curve, an EP101 cranked all the way and for a bit more gain for solos I use an OCD. The Metro/Friedman had everything on 10 with a voltage regular at 89 volts. I used a Scumback 4 x 12 cab that was custom made to look like 1960b with 3 different Scumback speakers(M75,BH75 and H75) and a Celestion cream back. I ended up using a combination of BH75 and M75 with a 57 and a Royer 121 on the BH75 and 2 57's on the M75 then all the mic's were plugged into 2 Chandler limited TG2 preamps then into an SSL compressors and a SSL eq's, then to straight to ProTools HD. Some of the tracks I also slaved the Metro/Friedman using an Aracom Dual Rox attenuator into a Boss GE 10 eq then a RJM mini mixer and a Suhr PT100 used as a power amp. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I didn't think anyone listened to it! Thnaks!