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I wanted to post a few MGL50 demo videos. The first 2 are the regular MGL50 amp, classic heavy rock tones up into the ‘80’s in these demos. Much more gain than a stock JMP-JCM800 circuit.

Next 2 videos are the high gain version. All of the demos are guitar plugged straight into the amps and thru a Marshall cab with reissue 25w Greenbacks Speakers.



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I'm totally impressed with the high gain. Had I not just bought an amp, I'd be tempted to order one!


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Have a friend who has the MGL50W HG, it is awesome! killer amp, clips dont capture what I was hearing in person. If there was a clean channel I would have bought one. Super dynamic amps


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I liked Reza’s vid. I’ll have to check these out. Are you the same dude that modded the Recto?